Paula, dubbed the “Forgiveness Lady”  by a fellow writer  has been fortunate enough to discover a process that can help anyone interested in gaining freedom from painful memories, releasing bitterness and achieving peace through Forgiveness.

After wasting too many years focused on: “What they did to her” the Forgiveness Lady had a life-changing conversation with a fellow victim -  turned victor –  and began an eight year search for a way out of the pain and bitterness.

In the process, the Forgiveness Lady was fortunate enough to find a simple 7 Step Process that leads back to peace and tranquility, bringing  new possibilities to one’s life.

For individualized talks on the subject of Forgiveness from ten minutes to three hours, and Workshops, Seminars & One to three Night Retreats on the 7 Steps contact the Forgiveness Lady at 616-862-2219 or .