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                                                                  Finding Peace Through Forgiveness

Have you ever known you had to forgive to regain peace in your life but just didn’t know how to free yourself from the heavy shackles of hate and bitterness? Does freedom from obsessive and painful thoughts seem an absolute impossibility? Do you think the thoughts have just been there too long?

The Forgiveness Lady offers thought-provoking individualized Talks,  unforgettable Keynotes, creative Workshops and life-changing Retreats.

Keynote Speeches are from ten minutes to 45 minutes;  Seminars from two to eight hours;  Workshops from 3  to eight hours. Retreats from one to three days.

Contact the Forgiveness Lady at 616-425-9125 (M-F 9-5) or  616-862-2219 or for workshop availability or a Forgiveness Program to suite your needs.