What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a decision to be free of the hate, rage, anger and bitterness, no matter what.

Forgiveness is letting go of all expectations that a painful situation may have had a better outcome.

Forgiveness is not expecting, wanting or needing an apology anymore.

Forgiveness is accepting that the situation ‘is what it is’ and no amount of despair, depression or retalitory wrongs is ever going to change that fact.

Forgiveness is to cease judging and condeming.

Forgiveness is not only the fastest way to to get beyond any emotional injury but THE only way to permanently get clear of its’ painful grasp.

Forgiveness is choosing to give up our hurt and pain in exchange for peace.

Forgiveness is an inside job.

Forgiveness  is the highest calling of the human spirit.

Forgiveness is the most powerful resourse for personal change available.

Forgiveness is the salve that heals all wounds.

Forgiveness is not only a goal the wise seek, but the only means by which we achieve peace.

Forgiveness is choosing freedom instead of pain.

Forgiveness is a choice; the choice to remain in the pain or the choice to release them and free ourselves.

Forgiveness is loving ourselves enough to hold fast to a second chance at a happy life.

Forgiveness is finally wanting to give up our story of hurt and pain and move on.

Forgiveness is permanently saying good-bye to the faulty thought patterns that are the real cause of our suffereing.

Forgiveness is the language of peace.

Forgiveness is the only path to peace, joy, unconditional love and a renewed passion for life.

Forgiveness is the language of heaven on earth.

May you live in the Peace found only through Forgiveness!

Forgiveness Lady

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